Php files not responding

Hello Admin i have created index.php and other php files in htdocs folder but i can only able to access only index.php but when i try to access other php files browser says site was not responding. I was not understand why this happens.

Could you provide us your domain name?


Yes my domain name is

Your index file works just fine for me. Is there a specific file that doesn’t work?


i already said only index file work but other files not work for example included data.php and database_connect.php not working. Also i have ag folder where test.php exists and these are not responding

When I visit said files, all I see is a blank page, which probably should be expected. But they load correctly. Have you cleared your cache, or tried to visit those files in another browser?

Pinging Admin won’t resolve your problem faster, he has @ notifications disabled.


I try in different browser but file not responding. Also this file is not empty i echo hi in this file

Please share the code and URL for this file


i check my code again and i see database name i entered is not correct


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