PHP extension for IMAP

Username rfgd_18957088 or Website URL

Error Message

You cannot run eyeMail. The server’s administrator needs to activate the PHP extension for IMAP first.

Other Information

Could you please enable the PHP extension for IMAP? Maybe at least for users, who have an account with a lifespan of at least 2 years?

Hey @Szym0n ,

Unfortunately this is not possible in free hosting. Any changes for any things like this are global for all the free hosting network and they can’t be applied on a single free web hosting account.

If this extension is required for your project I’d suggest you to upgrade to premium.


Also please note: Infinityfree will never treat users unfairly because they ask., If you need to send emails, see the below;


The IMAP extension is blocked on free hosting. Unfortunately, the majority of use cases of this extension was to commit abuse, so the decision was made to disable the IMAP functions.

And like @HaydenANG said, we don’t give preferential treatment to people just because they ask for it.

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