Php exec() enable

I’m installing revisr in my wordpress but got php exec() error
how can i find .ini file if possible and if it’s not can you please enable it ? so i can use revisr

Not possible on free hosting


Thank you for your response…
But how can i use revisr ??
please suggest me ASAP…

Get premium hosting…???

Did you read??

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I can’t get premium
Can you please let me know that can i use revisr or not?

No, not here


Okay thank you for response
But can you tell me how can i manage git repository

I want to use it to learn that’s it



Thank you
How to integrate in wordpress??

See below

These are not available for free


You cannot use Git on our hosting. We don’t have it on our servers, and even if we did, you’d have no way to access it because you’d need to be able to execute system commands (using exec() or similar functions, which are disabled on our hosting).

The best alternative I can think of is to use a CI/CD system like GitHub Actions to push your code to the server using FTP in a pipeline linked to your Git repository. Or, of course, clone the repo on your own computer and upload it from there.

Premium hosting does allow these functions, and even has cPanel’s Git Deploy feature to deploy stuff with Git the cPanel way.


Thank you so much for your response


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