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The php pages of the website does not open, although they opened previously. After some times, the php pages are just blank.
No problem with html pages.

Is php_value display_errors On set in your .htaccess file? You can also enable it in control panel.

It seems like you have some problem with “includes”. Are the paths correct?
When I load login.phpand inspect its code, it just shows the JavaScript scripts and nothing else.

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No, there’s no problem with includes

How to do that???

How do I enable it in Control Panel???

You don’t have a doctype, a <head> tag, etc.
You’re missing lots of code in your PHP pages.

paste this in your browser’s address bar and see for yourself:

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I guess I found the problem.

In my functions.php There’s a phpmailer system, I guess it has to work on a secured website (https) not (http).

I commented out include functions in my login.php page and the page loads correctly.

So, how do I go about the PHPMAILER stuff

That does not work on InfinityFree. You need to use SMTP

Also, make sure you follow this. Some browers will not display (or even show) your site correctly is you don’t follow proper syntax.

Thanks. > Your account > Control Panel > Alter PHP Config > Your website

I’m having problem using SMTP, so can you please guide me on an effective way to use it to send mails.

If you need to use PHP Mailer through HTTPS, you first need to add an SSL certificate to your domain name and serve all your pages through HTTPS.
You can do that here:

How are you trying to use it? What are you trying to use it for (Describe more, don’t just say “sending mail”)

For users to verify their email.

They should receive a mail on signup.

And there is also a page where they can request for the mail to be resent.

PHP Mailer should work on InfinityFree.
I believe Greenreader9 was talking about the function PHP mail(). That one is indeed disabled on InfinityFree.


Thanks guys for all your support.

Well, I have been able to solve the problems and PHPMailer works fine.



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