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please i want to know how many php / apache processes are allowed on this free hosting account.

At least 21 processes can cause an alert to be shown; if you execute more than 50 or 50 processes you cause a Daily Limit to be broken (the Entry Process limit) and your website will be suspended.

please go through the screenshot and tellCapture me if i should drop some data base table

You must NOT (and should not) delete database tables, because if you do so your WordPress may crash! You should install caching on your WordPress website.

so what are my to do to prevent this error message

This site/page has used all avaialble php / apache processes allowed on free hosting account.

TODO: Remove some plugins causing high load with FTP.

i have don that but still having the same error message please help me

If it doesn’t work, please consider to upgrade to Premium Hosting as it has much higher limits than on free hosting and has more features.

Note that the limits as presented by @Ergastolator1 are entirely speculation, and are very likely to be incorrect. The 21 processes may or may not be be accurate. But I am confident that the 50 processes leading to suspension is not true, because it doesn’t match anything I’ve observed looking at tens of thousands of EP suspensions on the entire InfinityFree user base.

The calculations and values are all custom built and custom configured by iFastNet, and they purposely keep the details secret. So don’t believe anyone who says they know for sure what the limits are.

As for how to prevent this available processes message, please see this article:

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