Php code not working

I can’t insert data into database using php. I have checked my code and I didn’t found any error. But when I clicked on register button, I was gone to a blank page . So I expect your reply fast. My website is

I clicked register button and I entered details on the form. Then I clicked submit button. Then it moves to a blank page.

I don’t see any blank pages, but I do see one issue: you’re trying to use PHP code on a HTML page.

Your registration page is a file called /htmldocs/register.html . On it, you’re trying to use this code: <?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?> for the form action. However, you’re using PHP on a file with the .html extension, so it’s not parsed as PHP.

To fix this, write the form action in the HTML itself, remove the form action entirely (browsers default to posting it to the same URL) or rename your file to register.php so it will be executed as PHP code.