Php / apache processes limit

I get the following error message when trying to change the logo on the website

This site/page has used all avaialble php / apache processes allowed on free hosting account.

Refreshing the page once the amount of apache / php processes are reduced will cause the site to work

I don’t understand how to reduce the php/apache processes. Any advice would be appreciated

I am using Wordpress


You will need to wait a few minutes for those processes to close/end.


Are you using Elementor? Read the guide shared by @wackyblackie

No I am not using Elementor

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Reduce the number of plugins used for a start

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Yup You have to reduce plugins, Use a lite theme (very - lite I use my own edited version of Astra) And keep a eye on Inodes and also keep you animation in site lite. Go for a Headless Wordpress if possible or totally say bye bye to wordpress and go HTML, CSS and JavaScript (best option)

@KangJL you are right to you have to reduce unwanted plugins. Also only use lite and non resource eating plugins like waves block , Slides Pro

Keep shore that you have less visits and also see to that you don’t open 30 tabs of your website

This what i can suggest.

Hey One more thing i believe would help you is The images you have reduce their qualtity (use jpeg and compress is using online / offline software) and then as of i know you have theme which has lot of unwanted files change to something better.

@TrevorMG please send your installed plugind and installed themes so We can help you even more

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Thanks everyone for your help so far
The plugins I have active are

Advanced editor tools
Album photostream profile for Flickr
classic editor
smartslider 3
wp statistics
wp supercache
wp forcelogout

Definitely do not use this, or any other backup plugins, unless you like unusable “backups” of a website that’s down because you keep hitting the IO limits.


@TrevorMG Why do you have smart slider because you don’t use slider in your site. 2. other than that nothing seems to be over do and please also send themes list.

Good luck

and next thing remove plugins you will never use !

I have deleted smartslider3 and updraftplus
I have also disabled automatic updates on all plugins

The only theme I have installed is the one i’m using, Neve

2 caching plugins. If you cache too agressively, CPU and I/O limit will be hit too.


Advanced tool editor send tooo many requests in the backend to the database. You might get suspended if it is too aggressive.

I only used one at a time whilst I decided which to use. I have deactivated both now.
I deactivated and deleted some plugins, which had no effect on the problem.
The site is now deactivated, so I need to wait
We are a small group of volunteers operating on a no profit basis, and so have very limited funds. I need to convince the group to spend some money and upgrade. would the starter package at $19.99 per year solve my issues? The site does not get many visitors and won’t need much more space


Well, it will be a good start…


Looks like the account is suspended.

Yep, the entry process limit was hit. Which is not surprising given the process limit errors from before.


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