Php 8 support soon?

So far 14 people asked about php 8 support. Fun fact, if you use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and lazy adding custom repository for newer version, you’ll stick with php 7.4 too. But later in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, they’ll upgrade php to 8.1. My question is, will iFastNet upgrade php to 8.1 in April 21 (date when Ubuntu 22.04 LTS released) too?

The servers here don’t run Ubuntu. They run something like CentOS, so why would they care about Ubuntu release dates. And I mean no disrespect to iFastNet, but they are not the first people to grab the newest software/OSes.

HOWEVER, I do suspect that they will upgrade before November 28 (2022), when php 7.4 stops receiving security updates. Whether they will choose php 8 or 8.1 is beyond me.

Got this reply fro iFastNet support:


Primarily AlmaLinux nowadays. It’s similar to CentOS (or what it used to be), and it’s backed by the same company that builds CloudLinux, so you know it’s great for web hosting.

But it’s all irrelevant, because iFastNet builds their own versions of PHP for free hosting, so it really doesn’t matter which PHP version is provided by which operating system.


Wait, they build their own version?

How, exactly?

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Google how to build php from source, we include many custom patches to that tree pre compiling on free hosting to make if freindly to free hosting! , it is not a yum / apt install


I’m waiting for this too. I test my pHp scripts in xampp and they work fine with MySQL database but here it just doesn’t know what to do, especially with my website and it’s not sending user data to my database. I am sad.

Are you sure your issue is caused by the PHP version? If you create an other topic and explain the issue, maybe we can help you make it work.


Are the topics InfinityFree specific? I don’t wish to violate any guidelines and turn your site into a codepen.

Not specific in this category, share anything :wink:

Oh I was talking about making a new forum like the Owner said.

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You know what I mean lol
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Send the link of that new forum!


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I dont understand from where the new forum topic came from, any roots?

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not me @wackyblackie :joy:

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