Phishing website. Why?

For some reason my website is tagged as phishing website and why is it?
My website purpose is to provide audio codes to Roblox users

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If your website is being flagged as phising, then we can’t help you. You will have to take this up with Google themselves: Report Incorrect Phising Warning.


Do you know who flagged your website as phishing? Where exactly do you see that it’s flagged as phishing?

If it’s your browser warning you, you should also see who provides the warnings, and have the ability to submit your site as a false positive. We don’t have any way to get your site approved by browser makers.


Kaspersky antivirus flagged my website as phishing website

If Kaspersky says your website is phishing but it’s not, then please try to contact Kaspersky to get it resolved. Please remember that they are flagging your website, and it’s entirely up to their discretion which website they consider malicious. We have no control over what some other company thinks of your site.


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