Phishing error with my website

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Web Page Blocked

The web page you are trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with company policy. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is an error.



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hello, I made a simple website for showing simple data to customers. I have had top errors since some weeks ago. can anyone help me?

No issue

Do that. We cannot help you here


But I have faced with below error:

Like @KangJL already said:

The message on that page very clearly tells you to contact your system administrator.

Because that message is generated by some kind of internet filter on your end. We have no control over any internet censorship done by your organization.


The website looks good .

Thank you for your advise. can you help me how I could contact to my system administrator?

Your system administrator is probably your IT department.

It could also be a browser extension or security software you installed (making you the system admin)

Or it could be your ISP (Unlikely, but possible). In which case they would be the system admin.


this is a really simple website that provide information regarding an academic project. the website shows the data that gathered. there is not any system administrator and whole of the website was coded by html and php. how can I solve this problem?

I don’t think you understand.

InfinityFree is not causing this message
Your code is not causing this message (Most likely)

We can’t help you fix this, we have no clue what is causing it. I already told you what could be doing it though, so those should be the first things you should check:


We’re not talking about the system administrator of your project, we are talking about the system administrator of your device and/or network.

Given that this is academic project, I’m assuming you are trying to visit it from the network of your school or university? Because I strongly suspect that the IT department of your school/university has setup a security filter that prevents you from accessing your website on our hosting.

Free services tend to get abused a lot, and unfortunately that means some administrators respond by blanket banning entire free subdomain domains or network ranges at the expense of many legitimate websites. And it’s up to you to contact them to tell your IT department how you’re being impacted by their policy.


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