ph7CMS not compatible with the ifast network

ph7CMS script is apparently not supported on hosting which sadly is really reducing the whole infinity theme quite a bit.
Which sucks because I think the admin and users here are awesome and good people.

ph7CMS is one of the most complete social site apps I have seen so far which is free. I was not even able to complete gettting it up for testing before the account was locked for 23 hours due to cpu usage supposedly. So, to remedy this I try to read the information given about my apparent infraction. Yet, all I see is word soup about how its too complicated to explain how the cpu usage is calculated. I am quite sure I know how to comprehend a proper explanation but the idea is to attempt to get me to purchase service I get that. My partner and I are the only two users who have tested this domain since i began setting it up. EVEN IF IT WAS NOT FOR THIS ISSUE, there is still the portion of the script which requires ffmpeg as well as other mods probably. But there is no way I would purchase service from a host who is this strict during a testing period. I will just build my own server and put it in my rack. I have found the script I want to mod into what I want to build. This hosting made it easy for me to find this script, Thank you. Honestly though I have ZERO ACTUAL proof that the advertised hosting services can even handle my application. I have never experienced any thing like this from any other free host. I admit that it has been quite some time since I have used a remote hosting service. But common, I cant even test a site I just installed before I get booted for 23 hours? This host is supposed to be in a massive datacenter? Now I cannot say its not partly the fault of the script, but I cannot say it is either. I have not been able to even finish setting it up and modifying it let alone doing any low to mild stress testing. Which leads me to the following review. is a good place to setup a set of three accounts for your personal HOMEPAGE and basic usage. It is not a place to setup a modern interactive site with social media features in anyway unless all load is client side meaning offloaded to the client instead of the server. In this case one is better to just setup a page to offer a distributed application to install on a device or computer and leave the datacenter or server farm out all together. I would literally get better uptime for this application from the cheapest Comcast personal connection and a 10 year old gaming desktop running BSD or Linux. Showing me the cool gadgets and then pulling the lure and bait at such times just agitates me.I literally refuse to pay for service or products from anyone who thinks this is a good practice. I have transferred a clients recently purchased domain here. I started regretting that the day after I did this because I am having a difficult time just getting this stuff to allow me to finish when I have the time to actually work on it. If myself and one other person cannot use the site before its locked down for resources then im going to have an impossible time selling your services to others who are my clients. So, I will keep my accounts I guess for now. But, I am far too busy to have such ridiculous interruption even using a free service.

Free is great if it actually has substance, As a site for hundreds or thousands in a group I don’t see it. Even a free site should handle a few hundred users. My recommendation would be to rename the service to

I am not trying to be disrespectful, or sound ungrateful. I am being real and transparent. If I cannot build, test, and stress test my full application on a service to see if they can actually support it then they should be excessively upfront about these limitations during the signup so as to not waste my time and such.

unlimited space to not store files over 10mb
unlimited bandwidth to allow you to trip your actual limitations, i-nodes and database usage due to ram and processors usage from scripting which was offered from a service tied to the CP of the service.

With today’s processors these limitations seem ridiculous.

My recommendation is to advertise as a homepage builder or limited usage server. This is 2020 and building an acceptable interactive social site here is problematic at best.

Another recommendation although I think Admin cares I don’t think the data-center does

Before collecting any data from users and especially before allowing them to waste time transferring a domain you need to make the limitations upfront in your face clear and in detail.

Personally from What I see in the forum I would guess the Admin is sick of this as well but is tied tight to contract or has no control over these things.

A finite service or product, even if free, needs a purpose which is clear. Other than basic low traffic usage homepage like sites I don’t see what I could do here to prove to a client that their sites are going to be awesome and served on an awesome network. I am considered to be very patient by most people.
There really needs to be about a 30day period where you monitor accounts closely but give wiggle room while they are building and testing. I don’t see how this business model sells service to anyone. I guess my next trick will be to buy my own domain and signup for myownfreehost* etc… maybe this will allow me the flex room I need. I will keep the accounts here for now if what I am saying here is not taken wrong. So, I think I will take OxyDac’s suggestion and install these applications on my local network until I get them perfected and stress tested. But this is not going to tell me how it will run on your service free or premium. What does tell me that is what got me booted temporarily for 23 hours. Basic usage of a php script by a couple of people. There is no way I would pay for anything coming from anyone who runs things that way. so i-FAST If you are reading I don’t see the speed or power you are boasting about. Stop making things difficult on your Admins and affiliates. If clients can prove they can make money using these accounts they will move in to start buying.

But traffic brings eyeballs and ears and those things bring ads and that brings ad revenue.


As my unlcle mike used to say when he had his nervous breakdown, Help me earn a dollar I’ll help you make a buck.

Here is the kicker though the client I am bringing isn’t really in it for the money because they don’t know What I know. Which is they have a market cornered in a way which can be steered. They are wanting a site for their hobby of mycology microscopy. But they are mainly on Facebook. If I am going to help her pull them away from Facebook which most of them actually complain about and hate then I have to be able to offer basic social media features in house. YES, its 2020 I think every site should be capable of these things even if they are free sites.

your servers l know my IPs and know its my account and that im testing. ITS REALLY IGNORANT TIME TO BOOT A PERSON WHEN THERE IS NO OTHER USAGE OR ADVERTISEMENT OF THE SITE.

Can I host the site shell here and pull the data from a server at home?
I just cant ask a person to pay for ifast if I cant even set it up without being made agitated by this.

You mean ssh? IF admin says not possible

no i simply mean leave the domain and less stressful stuff on this host and have it access a server i build at home to do all the real work being that its my free clients data anyway. so redirect and mask the ip with the domain until i transfer it to… nevermind does not make sense.

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Try your own AMP stack (XAMPP,WAMP,LAMP,…) and make it listen to your domain (but it’s not going to be easy)

I like challenges more than limitations that hinder my schedule. I just don’t want to do anything which would potentially cause admin any issues. I dont think its admins doing. Im getting ready to find out though ifast also hosts profreehost so lets see how the two differ.

Im only here because I have not setup my rack yet i have a full 42u shielded military communications rack in my house. I am going to need to build rails im not paying the ridiculous price for rails when most of the gear going in at first is older. I have not set everything up yet so i figured what the hell i can get them going here for now. nope apparently not.

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well so far looks like another affiliate cookie cutter from
although there are mild differences in the CP interface and overall theme. I see the same complaints in their forum.

  1. Infinityfree sets a script to ensure only browsers can access it. Will a server be able to listen to it?

it will when i transfer my clients domain to my home ip once my rack is up.

there are ways around it honestly im sure but im not going to do anything to cause issues on purpose because im not like that. im just agitated by the bs.

I just dont like looking like a fool because I took a company at face value even though I knew better. I was sleep deprived when I talked the client into getting the domain to test the ssl and features of this hosted host to host the application.

Im building them a free site at for free because they are a friend of a friend. I was hoping to find a host which could handle their current population from their facebook group. Im not sure that’s going to happen without my rack. I was getting ready to bring thousands of people to this host. literally. I would have been able to get many of them to become paying customers. But now that will wait till I start my own host I think. I require more control. The ad traffic alone would have been worth not shutting me off and wasting my time.
after this i was going to transition all of my followers from all of my personal facebook groups to recreations of what I have on facebook as well. I run a straightforward Nikola Tesla site on facebook with a handful of associated groups. I use facebook as a funnel.

Im not sure what i-fast’s goal is for the future, but if they want to increase traffic then they are going to have to compete with the global platforms such as facebook. They could beat facebook because they have the chance to offer more control. But sadly facebook offers a multibillion user base and zero cost to market. They don’t offer true control but they offer stupid easy.

In short if people can’t build simple and free individually sovereign (essentially) social-media platforms on a network the future will watch them disintegrate into decay from loss of true traffic and ad revenue. This means outside of corporate sites and app hosting they will have little purpose. This is not 1995 - 2000, this is 2020. At least every 20 years a major social change shifts tech into a different trajectory.

I think its past time hosting like i-Fast wakes up and removes the limits and allows people to build true web applications on this platform. The benefits would be multiple fold for all involved.

only the thing i can understand is that you want to install a social media application but you cannot do it because of limits.

Social medias spend lots of money for their server to keep their platform up. they don’t host their platform on free or cheap hosts.

What’s free host purpose? a great platform for developers, starters to site development and even testing. But not for advanced sites.

Removes limits, good point. but i disagree because:

  1. removing limits will damage servers because of overloading. And that even can destroy files, database and other data in it. think someone spend ton of days on his project but server crashes because of overload and destroys his project, how will be his mood?
  2. Removing limits will open hackers’, DDoSers’ and Glitchers’ hand.

And can you count me free hosting companies that they don’t have any limits?


How is what I posted considered an advertisement?
I’m not wanting to run a social media site here for a userbase like facebook has. I’m wanting to at least be able to use the service to build and test the framework.
Yet, the limits set are so restrictive you cant even have two intermittent users on a script which I found through this service .

I know some limits are needed… but limits are not compatible with infinity that’s my point I guess.

I could see if these particular scripts would had had some actual traffic. But they did not.

Also, its somewhat unprofessional and misleading to hide a post and block a persons words then partially quote them in such a way.

I stated in multiple post that I think the people here are great. I am well aware these are i-fasts set limitations because after having one issue after another which reveals the exact purpose and strategy I started noticing multiple hosts which are affiliated with i-fast which I assume is the name of the umbrella style corporation which owns the datacenter.

I am aware that some limits must be set. But I know enough about these things to know it doesnt have to be as rediculously low as this. I’m a 40 year old computer and tech geek. I have been at this for a long time. My favorite part of the explanation was how they calculate usage is complicated so they dont want to explain it. Lol. What a joke. Do they think developers don’t know math? How can we fix a problem if we do not first define it? That’s the thing though you see. It’s not really a problem for a large datacenter to run these apps for two humans a few times which is all I can tell that triggered it. That’s is obviously true.

If running what I did long enough to test a script would damage I-facts datacenter servers then I definitely could not see purchases of their service on the same platform.

Think about what we are talking about here. I was not even able to even run ph7cms long enough to fully run through all of it check it out and essentially fork it into a non dating site version of itself mixed with some other features? Does this sound like a datacenter situation a mission critical application should be run on?

Why would anyone want this type of behavior from someone who expects payment?

Imagine going to test drive a Ferrari on the audaban and only creeping down the way while the sales person is sitting in your lap saying hey you know for _____ amount we can remove this governor from the machine and it will be like magic. Bang no more limits, bang no more damage from the scripts that were too much load before.

My point in all of this is not to make you look bad but to say you need to put your best forward. I actually like you guys. I dont buy what I dont see or test because once I put it out live then it’s my rep on the line once I have done my part. I would rather build my own rack than have to babysit one in a remote location I would have to track down to know its location.

So, what you are intended to take from what I’m saying is this.

If you build it they will come…true.

But if you slam the doors in their face the smart ones leave. So, if there are things which cannot be done with the service then make it obvious and upfront like the 5second cron limit. Or the inode limit etc.

So im not saying I want to destroy face book for free by running i-facts datacenter into the ground trying.

That’s how what you said seems to be implied.
I’m not stupid enough to think I can have infinity for free. Quite the contrary. I assumed exactly what would happen because I know what all of this is set up to do because it’s a very simple sales scheme. I’m not even saying I dont understand why it’s done. I’m saying it’s been happening like this for a long time and networks like the big boys are going to suck all of your customer base away if you dont shift gears and I would hate to see that happen to good people.

I mean, no email access on a host?
No cron over 5 sec. No ffmpeg.
30000 inodes versus around an average of 150000 to 250000 needed by most decent sites.

So maybe I misjudged what infinity is supposed to mean? I dont know. I think it’s bad business to silence agitated potential clients if you want them to purchase something. I mean I got the true client who I’m building this for to buy a tld. I think if I can show them what they could actually have they would pay for the service but we wont know on this service due to those far too stringently enforced limits.

What would be nice would be if your servers could tie to a live app that gives us a live readout on performance so we know if we are pushing limits too much.

The admin said he wants true reviews right? Well I’m giving it to him.

I mean is it better for me to voice my opinion here or at thousands of review sites?

Dont feel bad. Because I just signed up at another place who advertised free vps and ffmpeg hosting. Then the first message they send afterward is what? Oh yeah we stopped offering that last year we are just liars who dont know how to stop advertising what we dont actually offer anymore. Of course it has nothing to do with your service. Other than I went on the hunt because i couldnt test my application here properly.

Ok, what languages am I allowed to use for programming a sites functions on the free service?

Am I allowed to use perl and create a cgi.

I just need to know in detail up front as fast as possible without any runaround exactly what the limitations are. I know if I can get them a site built they can transition to easily that they eventually in short order would need to go premium. But there is little chance of explaining to them at the moment why.
This woman is self admitted not computer savvy.

I need to know exactly what I’m not allowed to do code wise.

For instance, could a person write a site which uses assembly as the development language for the backend? I’ve been wanting to try some of the newer tools for assembler.

Of course I realize this language is probably very specifically disallowed correct?

I bet it would be very resource friendly and responsive though.