My website is
Can I allow my website’s registered users to upload images, videos, audios, .ai files, .ae files, etc. (excluding all the archive format files, apk, and ipa files) on my website for sharing?

Please review my website and suggest me the changes and if I unknowingly violate TOS, then please inform me, I will fix that issue.

Use the given credentials to log in and review. (This is only for demo purposes. It will be deleted soon)

email: [email protected]
password: test

Am I violating TOS?

Well, this is against the TOS if the content is stored in FreeHosting Servers, but if you put it in a s3/s3 clones, it shouldnt violate the TOS.
I am not so sure about it, wait for Admin or someother perosn

What is it?

A simple google search will give you the result


Someone, please give me the answer. @Admin @KangJL

The answer is no, use Amazon s3


If you are hosting those images and videos on the infinityfree hosting servers that is a huge no. Like above if you use AWS S3 then yes


I have to say, the design and UI of the website is amazing. But unfortunately I don’t have an answer to your question :confused:


And a piece of advice, don’t ping someone randomly

I know KangJL, so I pinged him. It wasn’t random.
But it’s okay.

Am I allowed to use this settings or not?
I disabled Document uploads so it won’t violate TOS.
But are users allowed to upload their profile image?

Well, as said, Whatever kind of uploads is forbidden unless it is hosted somewhere else and please upload the images here

How can you assure the profile image is not offensive?
This is also a grey area to ponder about.
Dun forget TOS is also a fluid definition…it is not really fixed.

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If I found profile picture offensive, I can remove it.

I think I can allow my website users to upload images as there is nothing listed about images in TOS in Usage of Disk Space Terms section.

Terms of Service - InfinityFree

Read tos carefully again:

letting users to upload files and images is counted as file storing, which is not allowed.

Even as their profile image?

no, possible they upload malwares under umbrella of images files, consider to use external tools as AmazonS3


So, can anyone guide me how to use GitHub repository as file storage and connect it to my website for using GitHub repository instead of InfinityFree storage?