Permissions Error

ive install whcms and it says

The templates compiling directory ‘/home/vol16_2/’ must be writeable (CHMOD 777) before you can continue.

Try updating the folder’s permissions as described in this guide:

Keep in mind that WHMCS is heavy software, and might not work properly in free hosting or get you more easily suspended for reaching its limits.


I have but it still hasn’t done anything?

Make sure it is not nulled software.
Breaking TOS will earn you permanent suspension


It isn’t nulled I downloaded it from the cPanel

Please note that on our hosting, PHP scripts cannot write to files outside of the website directory. The whmcsdata directory is not inside the htdocs directory, so WHMCS cannot access that folder.

You can’t fix this with a CHMOD. Instead, the WHMCS data directory must be moved within the htdocs folder. If this is a new site, the easiest way to do this may be by just removing and reinstalling WHMCS with correct settings.

And also, please keep in mind that you’ll need a valid license to use WHMCS, which starts at $15.95 per month. And if you’re ready to spend that much money on your site, I strongly recommend to pay another $5 per month to get premium hosting. After all, it’s a shame to spend so much on software licenses and then not being able to use the software to it’s maximum potential because you cheaped out on hosting.


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