Permission question

Is it against the rules to use the free service to check user authorization in my game and allow players to upload in-game screenshots via PHP GET/POST?

None of this is actually hosting a “game server”, just a simple API for it.

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Yep, it’s counted as file sharing. which isn’t allowed.


Is authorization an issue as well?

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You could use Imgur API (for free) to upload images with your users. Just build the algorithm.

For check user authorization, it doesn’t violate the rules as long as it not counted like a file sharing.


So basically I would be able to send and receive images using the server, as long as it’s not stored on the service?

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Yes, for your situation. To sum it up, the images you have uploaded in InfinityFree can be used in your website. When it comes to your users that upload their own data on your server, it is counted as file sharing because you share the files, they have access to it, and will increase inode usage.

Then you will be banned if you insists. Just do my suggestions and you’ll be safe.


Thank you all for responding quickly and being helpful


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