Permission access denied

Error Message

Отговор: 550 Can’t change directory to htdocs: Permission denied

Other Information

I was made permissions under 600 and now i cannot bring original permissions back. I was made a mistake, can somebody from support helm, i will be verry tahnkfull.
Sorry again for this stupid step from my side :frowning: i uploaded a very important project and now … :frowning: thanks in advance

Hello there,

You can change permissions to directories/files by using the filemanager in your cPanel.

I hope that this helps

Nope, i cannot becouse i change them under 600 and now i ger error when i try to change it again. Thats why i make post here, i hope someone from support see this topic and fix permissions.

You’ve locked yourself out im afraid. Im not sure if the Admin can change the Permissions when set to 600. Somehow I doubt it. However iFastNet might be able to help you. In the meantime, do not change the permissions on any other files/folders.

Thanks for answer. I will wait for some support but i think too is will be impossible to change from support :frowning: But i keep hope :slight_smile:

No, IFastNet, the owners of the servers have ‘root’ or Privaledged users, these users in a group named ‘sudo’ can override, read or modify and file on a server running linux (&MacOS)

Will IFASTNET do that?
If they help one person,all will go to IFASTNET support(only for premium users) and ask them to reset their Permissions.

I am sure that IFASTNET won’t be able to help

It certainly depends, As BayoDino said in another topic probably not.

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