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Bonjour, est t’il possible de faire des pentest sur son site web ?

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I don’t think you are authorised to perform any type of Penetration testing as it may be considered as hacking attempt.


Oui c’est pour cela que je demande un peu d’informations avant de continuez la mise en ligne de mon site.

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First of all, please note that this is an English language forum. Since most people here don’t speak every other language, please write your messages in English or at least include an English translation of your message.

Machine translation of your last message:

Pen testing and other hacking tools are not allowed on our hosting. We don’t want our service to be used in an attack on another website. And since we have no way to reliably and easily verify whether the hacking tools you’ve uploaded were intended or are used for legal purposes or not, we have chosen to ban such content entirely.


Excuse me I didn’t know we had to write in English. I didn’t download any slope tools but I just wanted to know the conditions thank you very much
Don’t worry your accommodation won’t be tested. It will be used to send my site online.
Excuse me for my English.

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