Pdf File not generated

Username: epiz_26217215

Website: mediconn.service

Using fpdf, my pdf is generated on localhost, but not generated on your webhost. Please help. I’ll be so grateful!

What do you mean by not ‘generated’?

Like you are trying to embed an preview of the pdf file on your website for the visitors to see/view it OR like a Converter?


Thanks for your response Sir. You are so kind. The App is supposed to write and display a pdf file for the viewer. This is what I mean by generated. Like I said Sir, it’s working well on my localhost. I look forward to your response Sir!

What do you mean by the “app”? Do you mean a “website” or an application?

Sorry, but can I see an screenshot or preview of the already generated pdf on/from your localhost? Thanks!

So… what do you see instead? A blank page? An error message? What does it say?


Thanks Sir for your response. No error message, no download, no pdf. Just blank. Please help Sir.

For me it shows a HTTP ERROR 500. Did you read the article I posted? If not, please read it.


How do I find the article you posted?

It was this one, but I reposted it so that you can find it easier.


Thanks Sir. Followed the steps, it worked. God bless!


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