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So I’m running wordpress, and I want to know since the hosting is free can I integrate the paypal service in It? Will I send and receive payments without any issue?

From what I can tell, infinityfree allows payment services (I might be completely wrong about this though).
This, however can be a problem since infinityfree is more for experimental websites. It would be much better to get payed hosting because usually “free” isn’t a very high-quality word when it comes to web hosting (even for infinityfree). You’d be better off with payed services like GoDaddy or Wordpress (or if you want but I’m going to be honest they don’t seem like a good service… especially since they were rated an average of 3 stars with a lot of angry people complaining about losing all their files due to no-backup).!!

Whoops, I’m always getting those mixed up :frowning:

To keep it short and simple; Unless you break the ToS, you can integrate PayPal into your website.


We don’t specifically prohibit you from accepting payments with PayPal here.

That said, you may run into issues with IPN because of this restriction:

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