Paypal WooCommerce Intergration not working

Alright so I am trying to connect a Paypal account to WooCommerce, and nothing, it just says An Error Occrured. (this is on a different hosting provider, I just like it here better)

You’re free to ask the question here, but don’t you think that the support channels of either WooCommerce or the different hosting provider may be better equipped than most people here do to help you with this?


I think the community here is just overall better, I have not paid anything from WooCommerce, I honestly think my host’s support team hates me, and the last reply was over a couple of hours compared to here.

They don’t, because they’re busy with IRL issues you know.


I can’t speak on the behalf of some unknown other hosting provider, but I can understand a fairly rude response if you ask them to fix a very vague error message from your website software. There is just no way to tell if this is a hosting issue, software issue, configuration issue or something else, let alone what that issue is, and whether that’s something your hosting provider could reasonably fix.

And waiting a few hours for a support response is quite normal. You’re asking the question on a Sunday, and most companies, especially the cheaper ones, don’t have 24/7 support with guaranteed 30 minute response time.

Also, it’s not the job of a hosting provider to fix your website. A hosting provider provides hosting (hence the name). It’s your responsibility to make sure your website works properly on that hosting. So if your website code returns a weird error message, it’s your responsibility to debug the error message and figure out what the issue is. If it turns out that this is a hosting issue, you can report it to the hosting provider.

Whether you debug your site yourself, get a friend to do it, or hire a professional developer, that’s up to you. But you can’t pay a few dollars (or less) per month for a hosting account and demand they also manage your website for you.


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