does anyone know any payment gateway with instant setup like instamojo?

Why do you need a payment processing service? You could use Paypal.

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Most payment processors I know require you to submit an ID document, proof of company registration or something like that. Payment processors and other financial institutions are generally strictly regulated, and have to collect and verify who they are working with to prevent fraud, money laundering and the like.

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yeah is there one that does not need an activation process?

I don’t know. Probably not in the EU due to strict financial regulations. I don’t know whether financial institutions in other parts of the world are allowed to process payments without identity verification, or whether any of them actually do this.

After all, anonymous payment processing is basically an open invitation for criminal transactions and money laundering.

Accepting payments with cryptocurrency may be a viable option. But I believe the providers who make nice automation solutions around this do require verification, and providers who exchange bitcoin for traditional currency may do identity checks as well.


Definitely not. If you are the one handling the money, you would want to make sure there isn’t anything funny going on, right? Such as you unknowingly helping a criminal launder money. Then you get implicated in court.

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