Payeer payouts no work

hi pleas inead work ip shared payeer api no work


Please contact the API developer, we can’t really help you if we don’t know a lot more information about your code, and the exact error message (Such as from an error log)


no ip shared no work Example of this

I am confused. What exactly is not working? What is your domain name?

Also, that control panel does not belong to InfinityFree. Only InfinityFree users can get support here.


What is the exact URL of the page that gives the error?

I would contact Payeer: PAYEER | Customer support


This ip login inead ip shared in infnity until the payment is successful

If you mean you need a dedicated IP address, then you can’t have a dedicated IP address on free hosting. Infinityfree is a free shared hosting.
For a dedicated IP Address, you need premium hosting with a dedicated IP Address purchased separately or a VPS or Dedicated Server to have a dedicated IP Address.
However, regarding this issue, I don’t think a shared IP Address is the issue.

As mentioned by @Greenreader9 you must contact their support team regarding this issue.


Please note that the “Website IP” is the IP address on which your website is available, it’s NOT the IP address which code on your website uses to call out with. So if you’re trying to access an API that is only accessible from the website IP, your website won’t actually be able to talk to it.

That IP address is not visible everywhere, so you will have to try to find it yourself.

You can do so by creating a PHP file to your site with the following code, and then opening that page in your browser to see the IP address.

<?php echo file_get_contents('');

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