Password recovery isn't working - [POSSIBLE bug]

[Possible] bug

Forgot password isn't working

Hi. I tried to recover my password 10 times, and I received no email. This is probably just a php mail function bug. I also tried recovering from my friend's home (from a different location). I dif remember my password, but this might be just a small bug.

Password recovery isn’t working

Where are you trying to recover password from?

Location: US
Infinityfree login

Just to be very clear: which “infinityfree login” are you talking about. Can you share the password reset page URL here so there is no misunderstanding about the subject?

If you’re talking about the InfinityFree client area (, I can debug that for you. Is this actually the user you’re having trouble logging into (and if so, how did you login to the forum)?

If you’re talking about the hosting control panel (Reset password), then you dodged a bullet. That form is a piece of trash which must be avoided at all cost because it will break your website, at some point, guaranteed. If you want to reset your control panel password, using the Edit Account menu in the client area instead. That’s the only working and supported method to change your account’s password.


I am talking about the client area:

OK, and what about my other question?

This is the user I was having trouble logging into

I eventually found out my password by logging on to my other laptop (I saved my password)

Did you get the password reset request that just came through?

I checked our logs and I don’t see any password reset attempts being made. No tokens, no emails.

And our mail system is a little bit more sophisticated than PHP mail.

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I will check later today, but thanks for helping me out!

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