Password Protected directory

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

I need to give VPanel access to someone else. Can I protect my files and directory with password. So they can’t open my files.

Hello there,

So you want someone to use your VP account and you want to protect some of your files and folders with a password so that the person you have given access to your account isn’t able to access them?
If that’s what you want then I don’t think that’s possible, AFAIK there is no option to password protect any of your files and folders in the file manager, the person you want to grant access with your VP will be able to access any of your site content in the file manager freely.


Anyone with your control panel credentials has full access to your hosting account and everything on it. You can password protect directories on your website, but that’s easy to remove through the control panel.

So, long story short, unless you want to give someone full, unrestricted control over your hosting account, never share you control panel credentials.


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