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Hello,I came on infinityfree to host my site and no problem but I can not find the option to create an email address? He asks me for a username and a password, so I enter the one from my vpanel and he can’t find me. This is very annoying because I really need this feature! Waiting for your answer, have a good day
(Sorry for my bad english)

Infinityfree doesn’t support Emails anymore. So you can’t create a Email account on this hosting platform.


Who asked you for a username and password?

And also he can’t find you? I’m assuming you meant you can’t find the email feature.

Just like what @Emi.sand said, the email feature here was already deprecated and discontinued a while ago due to spam and abuse.

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Welcome @Meteoff :slightly_smiling_face: The email function has been disabled due to it being more trouble than it was worth. Here’s some information below about email from the FAQ’s.

@UnknownLolz I believe the phase “he asked me for a username and password” is referring to being presented with the screen asking for a username and password. I don’t think it was a person asking for it.


Hello,Thank you so much for your answers! I find a solution in the meantime but it’s still a shame! Thank you and have a good day

(sorry for my bad english)

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