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I would like to make a key only section of my website but the system i have currently allows you to just type in the directory (it is long as it is random strings but possible). how do i do this? i am using php, JS and html with no MySQL etc

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How secret does this place have to be?
If there is no need for security then you can use JS - but anyone with a little knowledge can easily find the answer how to get inside

You can also create WordPress password protected pages and keep your secrets there

  • Edit the page or post you want to password protect.
  • In the top left corner under the Publish option Edit the visibility .
  • From there select Password protected and enter a password.

A much better and more complex choice is

it needs to be quite secure as it only has to use 1 key that changes weekly but i am not going to use mysql because i do not want it stored to a database as i can manage to secure it but not too much as i want anyone who knows how to access it to be able to. plus i want to make it from scratch and do not have WP installed because i dont like wordpress so wordpress is not an option

Instead of using a MySQL database, you could also have a PHP file which contains the usernames and passwords. Or you could use the Directory Privacy option to use .htaccess rules to block access to a directory.

and how can i restrict access to a specific file/directory like google does with gmail and forcing you to log in if you go to that page

for example if you type in “https://website.domain/folder/file.html” without logging in it will just redirect you to the login page but if you are logged in it lets you get into it

To do that, either you need a session management system and check for every page if the user is logged in or not (and - possibly - check if the user is authorized to view the page). The link @Oxy sent may be useful for that.

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