Parked domain redirects to subfolder

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How to redirect a domain to a subfolder with cms? Thank you in advance.


Good morning @mumei

I suppose you want to redirect your domain to a sub-folder to the same domain or another domain? Then all you simply have to do is setup redirect from your desired domain to the link of that directory.

You can simply do it in Redirects section on your free hosting control panel.

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Yes i was used redirect in domain section, but there is only http:// i want change to folder //bolt. When i try it i have this message "The redirect url //bolt does not appear to be a URL (it MUST start with http:// or http:// ! )
I want change primary patch /home/vol12_3/

Hello again @mumei.

I think you have missunderstood how URLs and protocols work.

First of you do not have to input your full path from home to your user.

All you have to do is type-in the link that you want your users to get redirected to. In this case it would be Buying and selling domains by experts | Hire a broker today! | Sedo.

I am not sure why you are typing in the full path. Only the directories after htdocs are accessable by web browsers and you don’t have to type in the full directory.

And by my knowledge protocol called bolt:// doesn’t exist. There are only some protocols like:

  • http://
  • https://
  • ftp://

And in your case all you have to do is setup redirect for to Buying and selling domains by experts | Hire a broker today! | Sedo.

When users are going to visit main page of your domain they will be redirected to /bolt directory. If that’s what you are trying to do.

If you are having some more questions do not be afraid to ask.

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: