Parked Domain & Incorrect URL on links

I’ve parked my domain and successfully configured nameservers as specified in GoDaddy (ns1 ->epizy and ns2 → epizy). Going to the domain successfully allows visitors to land on the subdomain. However, clicking a link on the website incorrectly takes them to the subdomain (epizy).

My website is

Can someone please help?

Clear your cache;

By clicking the link, it works for me!

Clicking on that link works, yes. However, once you land on that page and you click on a link, it ends up pointing to the subdomain (as opposed to the domain).

I think, its not.

Thanks. It seems the issue was something else in the configuration side. Thanks! Marking as closed.

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That is because wordpress is installed on, meaning it gets its resources from that domain, you need to re-install or transfer wordpress to your other domain, like when you installed wordpress, you selected a domain, that needs to be, follow this guide
How to Change Domain Name on WordPress - Step-by-Step Guide
But ignore the hostinger specific stuff!

Sorry too late!

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Yep. It seems that the subdomain was hardcoded in the wordpress options (database side). Thanks for your prompt response!

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