Parked Domain error


When trying to park my site onto I continue to get this error

"Invalid Domain, please check your input…


I registered the domain last night and changed the name servers to ns1.epizy .com &
ns2.epizy .com

Any assistance is appreciated.


Make sure you have no spaces or other illegal characters in the domain input. The only allowed characters must be lowercase, alphanumeric, a dash, or dot.

Thanks, I do not, its weird, never had this issue with any of my other sites I host on here.

Looks like the same error:

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Still getting the same error…

It appears the issue is fixed now, but it might be possible that there are more validation issues, or the fix for the domains created this issue.

I’ve informed iFastNet about this.


Thank you, the fix worked. Appreciate your efforts! :slight_smile:

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