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Why i cann’t Addon Domains ? * The domain name has been explained

are you sure you own and haven’t assigned it to another hosting account?

This domain name was resolved to another host before it was just resolved .

then did you remove it from the other host before adding it here?

  • It didn’t remove it, it just resolved the domain name

  • I want to add it to this second level domain. Does it conflict with this?

Please remove your domain from that another provider.

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There is no deletion of the domain name operation, as there is no relevant operation in your background

Looks like you are misunderstanding what I’m trying to say. You cannot add your domain here if you’ve added your domain to another account/hosting. You’ve to un assign your domain from there (not delete the domain itself)

  • Domain name resolved what?

It has nothing to do with whatever domain is resolved or not. It is possible that your previous hosting uses same IPs for nameservers as we use for

Again please remove your domain from the previous provider before adding here


OK Thanks

The domain is currently in use on the provider Please remove there to add the domain name to your account here.

Please make sure to also change your domain’s nameservers. This is NOT done by adding NS records to your current nameservers. Please see Go Daddy’s knowledge base to see how to do that with them:

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