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Hi. I use infinity free web hosting, and I am trying to do my website backup with All in one wp migrate plugin, but it seems with free hosting there is limit of 10mb for download, so I am unable to download my files using that plugin. If I use premium hosting infinity free package will I also have some limitations or I will be able to download my website using this plugin?

I read somewhere you recommend using download htdoc file, but I need to use All in one wp migration for this, because its the fastest, so I need to know if there would be some limit in downloading my website with this plugin and paid hosting?

Waiting for your reply.

Hello :wave:, If you want to take backup , download Filezilla and, you can easily download your website to your computer


That is the max file size allowed on free hosting.
Unless your backup is less then 10MB, you will not be able to create backup in the first place. Backup plugins do not work well on free hosting

Premium hosting has higher limits. Take note this is not offered by InfinityFree


Yet here you are, hours later, still without a backup. I can promise you that if you had just followed our backup guide, you would have had a backup already.

The “fastest way” is only fastest if it works. And backup plugins on our hosting tend not to.

There is no premium InfinityFree package. InfinityFree, like the name suggests, is only free hosting. Premium hosting is provided by iFastNet.

Premium hosting does have MUCH higher limits though, so your chances are a lot higher that it will work. That said, all hosting has limits, and I cannot guarantee that any backup plugin will work. It depends on the size of your site and which backup plugin you use.

I do wonder why you’re considering to upgrade to premium hosting for this though. Upgrading to premium hosting also requires your site to be migrated to premium hosting. iFastNet can do that for you, but having them copy your files and database just so you can get a backup of your site without having to manually copy the files and database yourself seems like an unnecessarily complicated solution.


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