Paid for Account upgraded and nothing happened

been lead to an iFastNet and paid the bill ,
but my Infinity free Cpanel still remain the same ,

From my understanding ,
I just need to upgrade so I could turn some security setting off so I could pass JSON data to my web ,
so what can I do now ? and I don’t get what iFastNet the hell is and what it do .

Now I can’t feel anything changed , except my wallet ,
The Panel still require me for an upgrade , did I just been Scamed ?

Well, if you paid iFastNet, you should ask iFastNet about this. They are a third party advertiser, I can’t help you with that.

Alright , so do you know what exactly does this do ? (does nothing for me tho)

If I want a "Premium CPanel " like this

then who should I pay for it , and where ?

That section is an advertisement section from iFastNet. When clicking submit there, an order is created at iFastNet where you can complete the purchase. The purchase, and the result upgrade, is handled by iFastNet. So if you paid them already, iFastNet can help you more.

If you haven’t paid yet, you could also get an account at XVHOST, which is operated by us.