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User login page & admin login page have become totally inactive. script on page is not working. Form validation, submission nothing is working.
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Now my site is showing below error.

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

What is the issue please inform.

Your site is suspended.


I checked up my account.
It says deactivation due to hits limit. However my hits are not high at all.

I have a presentation to make tomorrow morning for my website.

is there any way to get it working. Please guide.

Yes, they are. Your account wouldn’t be suspended for hitting a limit if you didn’t hit the limit.

Run the website on your own computer? If there is one thing I’ve learned doing presentations for software projects, is to rely on available devices and services as little as possible. That includes running everything in a way you don’t need a working internet connection to a remote server for the presentation. Running everything locally is much less risky.


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