Page not working but not showing any error

In before, i made a laravel web system and it works. But recently, i tried to enter the website again but it doesn’t work, only showing this without displaying any detailed error message:
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N.b.: this SS is from my new url domain, but it show exactly the same error

I thought my website system file or database got hijacked, so i tried deleting all system file inside the htdocs and reupload all file again, but still showing the same error

So, i tried to make new domain and reupload the file, only to get the same error. Here is my new domain url: Hidden by MOD

What is happening? Im sure my database from infinityfree isnt the one with problem, cuz i tried importing it to my local system and tried it, and my system work as intended in my local system.

I currently leave APP_DEBUG=true in the .env, hoping that i can see the error, but still no, it is still the same as my SS

Welcome back!


I tried the first method in your mentioned guide, alter php config, now my web show me this:

What is that? The error mention something about vendor, but i have made sure to do composer update to my system, before uploading it to the new domain url

The error clearly says that the system is unable to find the \Illuminate\Container\Container class, if you are using Laravel then that means that the file responsible for that class is missing.


How so? It said, the illuminate doesnt exist in /home/vol17_1/… , that directory definitely come from the hosting server and not from laravel itself. Does that mean the server directory is faulty?

Absolute path has nothing to do with this. As the error message says, the class is missing which indicates that the file responsible for it is missing.

Try checking for the files in the vendor and the illuminate folder inside it.


Okay, so you are right about the file being missing, in my case, the file exist but there is nothing inside the file. After fixing it, it show me new error:

According to some forum, it is because of php version being too new. Is it possible to downgrade the php version in the domain? Or are there other solution?

What version of laravel are you on? I am able to use Laravel 10.x on PHP8.2 without problems.



I deleted the URL from your site as well as the screenshot from this topic because Laravel on your website throws DB user and password !

Screenshot 2023-11-06 190742

So definitely change it - because a lot of time has passed and someone could see it, as well as the search bots that indexed it all

and uses another free subdomain for testing


How do i change DB Password?

My laravel version is 6.20.44. Should i make new system using newer version of laravel?

It is outdated so yes.


Just change your hosting account password


Hi Himawan,

Depending on whether your application uses many of Laravel 6 specific syntaxes that aren’t on Laravel 10, you might be able to get away with simply editing the composer.json file to specify a higher version of Laravel, and do composer update.

This way you do not need to start from scratch and have everything properly migrated to Laravel 10 with some additional steps and patching something here and there using the latest syntax.

One good news, you deal with less mysql → mysqli issues when using a MVC framework.



You need at least Laravel 8 to be able to use PHP 8.2. I tested Laravel 6 and 7, and both don’t work on the latest versions of PHP.

Laravel has very good upgrade guides available that describe what exactly you need to update Laravel on your site. According to Laravel, each of those should only take you around 15 minutes.


I will just remake my system using laravel 10 then, because laravel 8 possibly going to be obsolete at the end of 2024


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