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Hello everyone!

Here is the website link first

I have an issue with Mediawiki again, the issue is that when I login into another user (this is an extension from Mediawiki called Sudo Extension:Sudo - MediaWiki

It works but when I try to return to my account, it leads to a page

The only temporary solution I found was to disable it manually and enable it again. Is this an issue from infinityfree? and if so, how to solve it please?

Clicking on “Send anyway” doesn’t do anything.

See this?



The “not secure” part in the message makes me suspect that one of the forms on your website is trying to submit data to a URL that’s not using HTTPS. Because, as the message says, information sent over HTTP instead of HTTPS can be viewed and modified by a malicious actor in the network.

Your site already has HTTPS and seems to be actively using it, which is a good start.

If you see this on other forms on the site (such as the login form), then it’s likely a configuration issue in MediaWiki. If you only get this on actions related to the Sudo extension, then it’s likely a bug or configuration issue in the plugin.


Yes, I saw this :slight_smile: and this is why I was asking if the issue is related to infinityfree or not.

I don’t see this on the login form but I do for maintenance algorithms but those ones comes from an extension. In every cases the issue is likely from Mediawiki, right?

Also thanks for your reply.

Absolutely. The issue here is that a form on the site is using an insecure URL. That form will be generated by some code running as part of your Mediawiki site.


Alright, it is noted. Thank you for your help!

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