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I have uploaded /index5.html as well but its not working either

That’s because the Nameservers has not been propagated yet. DNS propagation takes 24-48 hrs or 72hrs in some cases. How much time has been since you changed the Nameservers? In the domain addon screen, it says It can take up to 72hrs


There is no DNS Records. IFastNet / InfinityFree is upgrading so it might be caused due to that. @Admin Why didn’t it Propagate

It has been 72 hours already . How long will it take? How do i know what / even if its going to get update.

I see that A record is Empty within that Image. Set your A Record

By Anychance did you enable CloudFlare in cPanel?

I did enable the cloudflare in cpanel but its now disabled, I had also tried to enable SSL and updated its CNAME records accordingly. But now I have deleted the CNAME Records. ( Its still showing on Free SSL certificates page though pic attached)

What do I set in A record and How. Please look into my account so I know whats going wrong.

Seems like the problem is solved now(I see directory listing in that domain), you can upload your files now.

Happy Hosting :wink:

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Thanks, I want to enable SSL and cloudflare on this is there a way/guide


  1. Go to

  2. Create an account

  3. Click Add Site

  4. Enter the Domain Name.

  5. Click on the Free Plan

  6. Check if all Records are correct and click continue (it should be correct.)

  7. Finish the setup

  8. SSL / TLS tab click flexible

  9. You have a valid SSL certificate!


What link is SSL / TLS at and I don’t find any button called flexible.

Can you show me a screen shot of the dashboard?

You could create SSL certificate in
All you need to do is add CNAME as suggested in the SSL wizard
and also make sure cloudflare side your CNAME is “DNS only” from “Proxy” in DNS settings.
And Keep the SSL to Strict from Flexible. Else Your website still remains unsecured with payment gateways or any such related from the server side.

Edit: I also noticed you are using Wordpress.
(Only do this after you can successfully load your website via https Protocol)
In that Case Make sure you change your domain protocol from http to https in
Settings>General section of your Wordpress Admin Page so whenever someone visits they are on https instead of http.

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