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Hello all!!
I am new on infinityfree and came to know about it from a friend of mine.
I had just made two simple webpages purely written in HTML5 and linked them. I had saved the home page named as index.html and linked the other page via an anchor tag. I’d given its name (discord.html) in the href attribute. The file is also uploaded in the same folder where I’d uploaded index.html. But on clicking the link, it shows Error 404 Page not found.
The pages work fine in my local machine.

This is the error message

Works fine on my end, consider to clear your browser cache.


Works, The website looks incredible by the way.

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Thanks for your valuable responses and compliments.
I think, you didn’t got the point what I was talking about.
The error comes when I click the Discord button present in the header section and then it gives me that error of Page not found.
Now after clearing the browser cache, the error is gone but on clicking that button, it is redirecting me to the home Page ie index.html.
It is supposed to direct the user to discord.html

Hello once again to all of you!!
I would like to say thanks to all of you and specially to @anon19508339 and @duckyishot93 ho looked into my problem.
Now my problem is solved and my both pages are working fine.
I request to Community Moderator of this forum to not to close this thread because idk when I get stuck into the problem again and need help of you guys, hehe.


Try checking your code. Should be like Fastest Web Hosting Services | Buy High Quality Hosting or just link the discord server itself and not just another page.

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