Page links on my website not working

Username epiz_30944249 Website URL

The website appears to have loaded successfully, I can see the Home page and Pop up appear as normal.

However when I click on other pages such as ‘About Us’ , ‘Services’ etc, I get an error message

" 500 Internal Server Error

Oops, something broke when loading the page you requested! This is usually caused by bad .htaccess code or an error in your PHP code."

However when I try this on my WordPress site, everything works fine- all links are good

This is my first attempt at making a website, I have no prior experience and very basic IT knowledge, I have been following self help guides till now, so appreciate if the advise is as simple as it can be.


This is what I see


Make sure you upload the files correctly



I was reloading the website again, so perhaps that is why you could not see, Now the page appears as following
This is the Home page

None of my initial Graphics load.

Secondly, when I click on any other link on this home page, I get following error

The website is running fine on localhost/wordpress.

Appreciate your help.

You need to change the link from localhost to your website address

Localhost is the source of your problem


Thanks, which file should I make the change and replace localhost with full website address ‘’ /wordpress etc

All of them

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Apologies, reply not clear…

You mean go back to wordpress, update all links there and then reload the site on infinity.

Wordpress tutorial said that links would automatically update when site is hosted.

So confused here.

Follow this guide

You need to update the database as well


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