Page fetch failed: Hostload exceeded

I did a live URL test from search console on my site and it gave me this error:
The page is accessible, what is happening?
This is the url:
It used to appear in results previously.

Seems like the issue occurs when you have requested indexing by Google (like the tests you are trying to perform) too many times:

Try again later, it should go away eventually.


That’s what I thought, but the thing is, I am trying again after September 9. When that happens you get a separate pop up saying “You have exceeded your daily quota.”
This one is different.

Well this is what Google’s documentation says:

Hostload exceeded: Your site seems to be at maximum capacity for Google crawling or inspection requests. Google can’t run tests until your traffic load (as estimated by Google) drops.


I believe this was caused by site staying offline for a few hours due to issues from InfinityFree side, and google thought site might be down.
Because frankly, I have 0 visitors.

Well, that is a possibility, especially if Google was trying to index the site at the time and was sending repeated requests that were failing as a result of the outage.

Wait until some hours or a day passes and try again afterwards.


Same Problem what is the solution?



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