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I opened a free hosting server and from the beginning it tells me that the page is blocked, what could be the problem and how can it be solved??
Screenshot attached

That message is from a restriction on your end.

Please contact your IT department or system admin about getting the site unblocked with your system.


Zone Alarm FW or one of its other types of protection (depending on the version, whether it is โ€œnext genโ€ or older) blocked access to a certain URL

Try to add an exception if you can


how do I do it??

And how do I do it??

If it is blocked on your personal computer (you or someone installed that software)
, and not in any institution or company that may be using their protection there
then try to read the help of that software (online too) or contact them for help.

Judging by your location, that software was created in your country (originally as FW protection for the security service - thatโ€™s how it got famous)โ€ฆ

if you are part of an organization or state service, then you must contact the person who takes care of protection
mainly it is the IT department and network admins


Iโ€™m a simple person and I wanted to start coding simple codes and thatโ€™s why I opened a free server, I donโ€™t understand all the security software you mentioned and I have no idea how I download them or bypass them so that my site will work and thatโ€™s why I think that this whole business is probably not for me.
Thanks for the help and assistance.

Is your OS Windows?
if yes, do you have an icon in the tray (right on taskbar) or hidden that looks like this โ€œZAโ€
or you open task manager and see processes that have the name ZoneAlarm in them
or checkpoint.

Then you know how to open that software and try to add an exception if possible


I didnโ€™t find anything

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The โ€œtrayโ€ is not the โ€œtaskbarโ€. Nor is the โ€œtask managerโ€ โ€œtaskbarโ€. And they are not the โ€œsearchโ€.

Since your language reads from right to left, you can find the tray at the left of the taskbar. (Not the right as in most languages.) You may want to hit the little triangle shaped button to expand the tray and see the hidden icon.

As for the task manager, you can search โ€œtaskmgrโ€ in search, and there you might be able to see the ZoneAlarm process.

The reason why you canโ€™t find the program is probably because it isnโ€™t called โ€œZoneAlarmโ€ in your language.


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