Page blocked 403, word chat used in MyBB thread

I have a forum hosted here on, it runs on MyBB. I had no idea about the blocking issue with the word chat.
I created the following post in my forum & when saved it resulted in a 403 error from infinityfree servers.

Problem: Since I cannot access the url, I cannot delete the article. What can I do in this case? If I could access the page for a very short time, I can delete it…

Can Infinityfree help me with my problem?

Does anyone know of a safe and supported way to remove a thread without causing any damages to the integrity of my MyBB database and forum?


Most probably you have delete it via database

See below


Thanks for the quick reply,… To be honest with you I was hoping to avoid doing such a thing. I want to hear from others in case these is a better solution. But if I have to I will rip it out of the DB…

Thanks KangJL


I am not quite sure how that software works, but you may just be able to change the posts URL/name from the database. Be sure to take a backup first.

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I found a good solution with no surgery on the mysql db required. Its acually quite simple. Login as a moderator (you can use your admin login to do so). Use " Inline Thread Moderation". It allows you to select one or multiple threads for manipulation without having to go into the tread itself. Delete is one of the selectable options. More about Inline Thread Moderation here.

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