Ownership of subdomain in google search console using cname record


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Verification failed for https://igniteshare.lovestoblog.com/ using the DNS CNAME record method (Less than a minute ago). We were unable to connect to your server.

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I have added this cname record using controlpanel but still i am unable to verify

Hiding that host will not help us solve your problem.

and also note that dNs changes take more tan 24 hrs to propagate


Most likely is caused by this

Because of this security system, the following things will not work correctly or at all on websites on free hosting.

  • Access through Android or iOS mobile apps (mobile browsers work fine).
  • API access to websites (like WordPress XML-RPC).
  • Access from cURL or other command line clients.
  • Website code validators and SEO checkers.
  • Domain ownership verification checks which look at website URLs or HTML code. Some webmasters tools and ad networks do this.
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You cannot use CNAMEs because they are TXT records. The cPanel only allows CNAME records. For full DNS management, please upgrade to premium hosting, or add your site to Cloudflare (witch won’t work on subdomains). Proper setup instructions for Cloudflare here


He wants to setup a cName record and not a TXT record.

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@SaitejaCh May I ask what are you trying to verify your website for? like indexing?

Yes but i did it using meta tag and HTML page but sub-domain need to be verified

Yes , TXT record is not supported in infinity in free services. So, I have used Cname record but still getting an error in verification

Can you show me the cname host?

I am using Cname record for verification in webmaster central.

Can you please copy that cname record and paste it here?
I dont wanna waste my time typing that.

Can i know why you are asking host of cname record . I think i should not post it publicly

I did a cname lookup and i see no cname records,

Can you show screenshots of cPanel records

Is this correct?

Your subdomain was repeated twice.


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