Ownership failing - Google Search Console

First off, sorry if this has already been answered I have looked but couldn’t see.

How can I update the TXT records to fix the below? altho it mentions doing this on domain side i believe its actually done host side.

You can’t add TXT records on free hosting, especially if you use a free subdomain. You could verify with other verification methods, but not TXT records, if you want your subdomain to be on Search Console.



the domains are showing on google search but its not updating changes made. wrong text and favicon are showing even though google console confirms it has index (shows correct info) but still displays wrong on google search.

I have removed my domain redirect in case this was causing a comms issue. I have refreshed (cleared cache) but still picking up old info that is no longer on the webhost, as far as I can see.

text in yellow is very old and no longer exists.

Ok I am making progress:) I can see an incorrect page being found by google but I cannot find the files on Epizy to edit/replace?!

Its possible the files were in a location that no longer exists maybe?

Any suggestions where google is finding these html files files at Epizy? they were moved long ago.

The Google crawler works in mysterious ways.

Especially regarding what it crawls and when it crawls. You can’t edit a file and force Google to recheck your website. If you already updated the contents, then all you can do is pray that the crawler gods bless you with their visit soon.


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