Own mail server


I am trying to make a basic mail server like gmail in which we can create email and send.
I need help about how to create smtp server because i am having php mailer library.
It want’s smtp server address.
I will try in local host then upload in another site.

SMTP is not available on free hosting.

See below for alternative…


But it is possible in localhost?

We don’t provide an SMTP server for you to use on free hosting. So your only option is to use a third party mail service to send the email (or switch to premium hosting of course).

A friend shared me this script: GitHub - LukeSmithxyz/emailwiz: Script that installs/configures a Dovecot, Postfix, Spam Assassin, OpenDKIM Debian web server which i use for my hng.email mail server. It can be used on most UNIX like distributions (with apt of course).

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