Own domain and SSL two days

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[epiz_32024777] thezipple.com
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Cannot connect to account, updated nameservers, SSL key green and says installed.
Just a blank white page on any computer when trying to connect.
I can wait if I know it is something that maybe still has to propagate but it has been 2 days.
Maybe I am doing something wrong but I cannot see it.
I am trying to setup WooCommerce with Printful.
Maybe this is a sign not to take this adventure

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I’m confused. What exactly is your problem?
Is it that you can’t install an SSL/TLS cert?
Or is it that you’re having trouble with WooCommerce and Printful?
If it is the latter, do you have any error messages?

If you installed an SSL/TLS cert, did you change the URL in WordPress dashboard
and ensure that all http requests are redirected to https?

The template is here for a reason.


Apologizes, I went with another service.