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I wanted to edit my website this morning and the file manager just didn’t work. so I gave it up and just tried it again later. So now I could access it, but my two main files were just overwritten by the system. I deleted one of those files, because I thought I can rewrite it easy with the help of the other file, and after that, I saw that the other important file was overwritten too. What can I do to restore this files (I have no backup)? I really want them back because I did nothing wrong, it just happened while this file manager timeout.

I know that the file manager can have a timeout, but I thought that this problem will be resolved by itself.

iFastNet is currently in the progress of migrating servers to faster storage. During the migration, these servers are put in read only mode to prevent any changes from not being migrated correctly.

It’s possible that your website was migrated yesterday. Although the description “the file manager just didn’t work” doesn’t give me a clear idea of what the issue was.

In any case, the files you can see on your account right now are the files we have for your account. We don’t store backups or revisions for your files. If files were corrupted or lost due to file manager glitches, inadvertent changes by someone or some other reason, we can’t help you.

We use a networked storage system to protect against hardware failure of files at rest. Every other risk is your responsibility.

This is why many people (including myself) prefer to write code on their own computer and then upload the files from their computer to the server. That way, if something goes wrong on the server, you always have a second copy on your own computer. I too have written code directly on the server it the past. It took a broken FTP connection resulting in empty files being saved to realize that this is not a good idea.


Thank you for the Answer.

“the file manager just didn’t work” means that when I clicked the button to the file manager in my client area the file manager opened with the login popup, and if I filled in my username and password, I weren’t able to log in. This error happened several times, but there were no changes in my files, when I had access to them some minutes/hours later.

I think there is no way to restore the files, am I right? If yes, I’ll try to redo them as good as I can.

Your idea with editing files on the computer is not better than the online file manager, because I’m new to html, php, … and I need to try my website every few changes I did. There are perhaps programs which can do this too, but i like also more having the newest version of my files always online. I write often only some minutes at my code, so I haven’t the time to upload them always.

But thanks again for your answer and have a nice sunday

you’re right

sorry I interfered in your conversation,
but you can use this https://ampps.com/

Default settings are quite similar to the server here.
If you need some extra stuff you can edit (enable) it in httpd.conf located in the conf directory


Thank you, I will take a look at it.

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You can also try XAMPP (a portable software for Windows / Run anywhere using USB) or KSWEB in Android (Difficult).

Sorry to interrupt. Im only suggesting. :slight_smile:

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