Overwrite FTP Permissions

I’m making a site with infinityfree and I’ve made a couple in the past, and have been able to delete the .htaccess file and make folders in the top directory. However, I made a new site for a project I’m working on and can’t do so, thus not being able to work on this. How do I override the permissions?

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You need to upload the files in the htdocs folder. If you already uploaded the files, and get a “553 Can’t open this file: Read-only file system” after uploading them, there is an issue with FTP on their servers, causing some users to be limited in permissions and have a read-only file system.

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I have the same problem. I cannot upload or change any files. I also cannot change the permission using CHMOD commands.

I would like to check your account to see what the problem could be, and how it can be solved. Can you please tell me the domain name you’re unable to upload files to?

Thank you! The domainname is: https://www.daviddavis.nl

There is an ongoing issue with the disks for some websites, I’ve explained it in more detail here:

Thank you for diagnosing the problem, finding a solution and reporting clearly on it.

I’ll wait for you / the server check to resolve.


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