Overuse suspension no reason for 3rd night in the row no reason


Ep overuse for 3rd night in the row, I have deactivate all the addon . My site just a simple blog. Is been fine for whole of july.my account been suspension for no reason. My site wasn’t doing anything. Must be error or something else causing it…or infinite trying force me to upgrade whitch would be unethical.

Try to create a support ticket

InfinityFree does not suspend your account without any reason, please refer here for more info:

You’ve got suspended because of hitting the EP limit and that is a reason of your suspension.
Please refer to this Knowledge Base article so you will understand why you hit the EP limit and so that you will know more about the EP limit:


This exactly happens with me almost daily.
I just started fresh with a new account and it worked, no more suspensions now.

Use caching as well as some CDN.


how did you add catching to your site ? and if you start a new account. don’t you loose everything

i tried clicking the support ticket button but it just takes me to my account page.

How can you loose everything when you have the old account in hand? Just migrate the necessary stuff. That’s all!

About caching, I use wordpress free plugins like w3 etc.

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Migrate what you need. Then add things slowly into your account and find when it starts to suspend again. This will give you a clear way what things are causing that trouble!

I’ll Give it ago thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!
Any trouble in future, just tag me @allroundernaman like that :slight_smile:

Thanks will do :slight_smile:

how did you migrate everything ? just go to file manage and do a download. when i tried that last night before my site got suspended ,again, it came up with an error message

and was the caching addon is that in the client page addon or in the /wp-admin addon page?

Ah! Sorry for the late reply!

I didn’t just migrated everything. If you migrate everything, it simply means you have migrated all the scripts that are causing suspension!

Actually NEVER! If you are using wordpress, then make a new wordpress installation from Softaculous from your new account and make sure you have added the correct domain, so you need not to change it in future.
What you need to do is make internal wordpress backups, like plugin data, theme customizer data, media data and of course post and pages data from WordPress Importer. Then simply remove the domain from your old account and add it in the new account!

Which error message? Explain me.

Which client page addon? You are mis-relating it. Your Wordpress installation has nothing to do with InfinityFree’s client area. You have seperate WordPress client area in /wp-admin/
So to install caching, go to yourdomain.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php

In case you are using multisite in wp, go to yourdomain.com/wp-admin/network/plugin-install.php but make sure you have super admin rights.

Any kind of help needed, I am just a tag (@allroundernaman) away.

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you legend ! @allroundernaman

i found w3 and is enable . i also figure out how to disable php temporarily until I get time to fix the site.

did you config the W3 add on or did you just it use it as it is?

Thank you for all your help, your 1000 more helpfull than the admin

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If you have enabled the caching plugin, most probably you would like to tweak some settings.
Yes I configured it myself.

The best practices is that when you have a site ready, you can make it super cachable.
Also if plugin is doing some less work, integrate it with cloudflare caching, which caches aggressively.
Although that was only an advice, well I would suggest you use only w3 as it is free and I have personally used it. I didn’t remember the settings because I used it an year ago since I have not used WordPress!

Rest assured, you will get your website stable and cachy!
Any kind of help needed, I am just a tag (@allroundernaman) away.


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