Outgoing Connections & Exceptions List


I have WP and a private theme/plugin installed which needs me to do 1 of the 2 options below:

A. Make sure you have the Outgoing Connections option disabled for your
web hosting account.

B. If you can’t disable it, add the following IP address to the exceptions list: <— Not the actual IP

This plugin is attempting to connect to my account where I have all my content and pictures, etc for the theme and plugin I am using. It can only work if A is disabled or B is added.

My question is can either A or B above be configured on my end or can you do it for me? If you do B, then somehow I need to privately give you the correct IP address without showing the world.

Thank you,

So if I understand it correctly, you need to block access FROM your hosting account TO some specific service elsewhere on the internet?

Because if so, I’m afraid that’s not possible. Blocking access to certain hosts cannot be enforced for specific accounts, only for the entire server. And we can’t let you block access to services other websites may be using. You’d probably need to get a VPS or dedicated server for that kind of flexibility.