Outage on Free Hosting

Outage on Free Hosting

Below are some of the info.

All domains redirected to suspendeddomain.org and then to suspended-website.com

User Name: epiz_25519234
Domain: autolend.cf

The domain is redirected to suspendeddomain.org and then to suspended-website.com

VPanel is behaving normally. There are no suspension with VPanel.


Hi there,

We are aware of this issue and it will be resolved automatically as soon as possible today.
sorry for the inconvenience this may be causing to you.

Thank you and stay safe !

Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Best Regards

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The hacker has started a big ddos attack. vPanel is normal, because it is very strong secure. Soon the whose server will fail, he said. I chat with him on discord.

Someone recently posted an unofficial IF Discord server. I joined it and the “hacker” immediately told me about that they are the one doing it. The server’s general chat was basically a discussion between the Discord server creator and the hacker… I have private chat logs with the “hacker”


Thank you

InfinityFree have discord server?

I only chat with him, private

user name:epiz_29662674
url: techomkar.gq

also have same issue

I wonder what they get on attacking lmao

idk. ask who does that. @jaikrishna.t said that he is in discord server

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i just found out that @Admin is netherlands lol.

hoe gaat ie?

This is the full discord conversation I had with the hacker:

Is there really an sql injection vuln? If there is, wouldn’t Discourse already fix it?

don’t believe everything you see.

SQL Injections are so old, that the owner of this site 100% is smarter to not make coding mistakes like that. Old-sites will have such vurnerabilitys of SQL injections.


And NTP/UDP attacks are for Home IPs, not for server IPs. That’s pretty bad on how they’re pretending to taking it down, while they haven’t googled any of those methods.

  • I bet @Admin made the server’s IP protected behind cloudflare. You can’t takedown cloudflare IP’s, if he’s trying that with his “Powerful Attacks”.

My site is back for now

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Let’s be hopeful that other sites will be back too - and avoid sharing it’s URL here otherwise it’s going to be DDoSed

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My site back

Yes, this issue was resolved a few hours ago.

Just to let you know: this was not a DDoS attack, this was a configuration error on our end.

This. Plenty of people are happy to take credit for things that do not exist or they did not do.


You are right. But then where did freeagar.rf.gd receive so many requests from all of a sudden and get suspended right after I posted about it?

That was probably a DDoS, both DDoS and the mis-configuration were messing things up earlier. I think the attacker is mainly targeting website URLs that are posted here.

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