Outage on due to DDoS attack

Outage on due to DDoS attack

Websites hosted on are temporarily offline due to a DDoS attack on the server. Your files, databases, and configuration are unaffected, and service will be restored when the attack ends. You can check the IP your website is hosted on by looking for the “Website IP” label in the account viewer in the client area. Please do not create a new topic on this issue


The issue has been resolved. The IP was down from around 12:00 to 19:00 UTC yesterday.



I do not condone any kind of ddos attacks but there is plenty of evil on the internet that should be wipe off this planet and would be a more deserving target

But to attack a free website hosting company that does nothing but help ?
I cannot understand why someone would be so petty-minded

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A few reasons I’ve seen:

  • Someone tries to attack a particular website for some reason, which ends up taking down many other websites just as collateral damage.
  • The attacker feels that we have mistreated them in some way. For example due to a suspension “for no reason” or a reason they don’t agree with. And I have even had people say they launched a DDoS attack as a revenge for their own website being down due to another DDoS attack. Yes, not everyone is sensitive to their own hypocrisy.

As you get bigger you will have more enemies. People who are jealous of your success. It comes with the territory. You’ll never completely get rid of DDOS attacks but you can manage it, and it sounds like that’s what you’ve done. :slightly_smiling_face: